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Monday, March 08, 1999

SPE Board Members

RE: Education Outreach


This is the third year that the SPE has been involved in reaching out to the Tulsa area public school system and educating them about the oil and gas industry. In conjunction with a presentation on the energy industry the Society has given away $5,000 worth of calculators. In all we have reached over 300 students and teachers with this presentation and given away 290 Texas Instrument calculators.

This year was another great year. With help from Rodney Tate, Oneok Resources Company, and Janet McGehee, Red River Energy, I presented the Oklahoma Energy Resource Board’s Petro Pros presentation. This year four schools were picked out from the Tulsa area. The schools chosen were Nimitz, Lewis & Clark, Byrd and Jenks East Middle School. Since we have done this for three years we are trying to get to the schools with the greatest need but not repeating schools. We have visited seven Tulsa public middle schools and two outlying schools. This year three of the presentations were made in conjunction with Engineer’s Week, which was February 22nd-26th. Again this year we were well received at all schools and the donation of calculators were accepted eagerly.


This year we moved up from giving the Explorer as in the previous two years to the slightly better Explorer Plus. It is hard to believe but we had requests for graphing calculators for these seventh grade level students. I don’t even have one of those yet. Anyway, I believe that the education outreach is a definite plus for the Society and I am expecting some good letters back from the schools. I recommend that this project be continued for next year.

Yours truly,

 Daryl Duvall,  Education Outreach Coordinator


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