Tulsa Aerospace Supplier Directory

The Supplier Directory is published by the Aerospace Alliance of Tulsa which is an Economic Development Program sponsored by the Tulsa Airport Authority and the Metropolitan Tulsa Chamber of Commerce.

The purpose of the Supplier Directory is to provide information to local and national businesses on the subcontractor/supplier infrastructure capabilities in the Tulsa area. All companies listed have an outstanding reputation for quality and have the capabiilty to offer products and services in a timely and professional manner.

The Tulsa Aerospace community is comprised of approximately 300 area firms offering high productivity, competitive pricing and technical excellence for your company. We encourage you to utilize their expertise. We assure you that it will be a profitable decision.

For a printed copy of the complete Supplier Directory, contact

Aerospace/Aviation Development
Tulsa Airport Authority
Tulsa International Airport
P.O. Box 581838
Tulsa, OK 74158
(918) 838-5000
Fax: (918) 838-5199


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